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We believe that with proper and professional care children can keep their teeth healthy throughout life.

The primary teeth assist in chewing food, contribute to facial development and preserve the space for incoming permanent teeth.

Pit and fissure sealants are advised for children with deep fissures in the back teeth as this prevents cavities in these teeth.

Glass ionomer and composite fillings are done for decayed teeth.

Decayed teeth which can not be filled properly may act as a constant source of infection and require to be extracted. The empty space now left behind after extraction of the primary tooth needs to be maintained, and a space maintaining appliance is given for this purpose.

Interceptive preventive orthodontics can prevent developing problems of the oro facial region in growing children.

Habit breaking appliances help to control and correct abnormal habits like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking etc.

All the above pediatric appliances can be made and delivered on the same day with the best quality as we have our own in house technician and laboratory. This is very convenient for our patients as the number of visits to the clinic can be reduced.