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A healthy and attractive smile can take years off your appearance, whereas worn, discolored , chipped or missing teeth can make you look much more older.

As we age, the edges of the front teeth wear until these teeth are about the same length as the others. At the same time, the upper and lower lips lose muscle tone. The upper lip may sag covering more of the upper teeth. The lower lip may also droop, allowing more of the lower teeth to show. These conditions create an older smile line.

Cost effective procedures like cosmetic contouring, bonding or bleaching can take years off your appearance and often work wonders in a short time.

Signs of an ageing smile:

1 .unnatural wear of the teeth ages the smile.

2 . Bone and gum loss create dark spaces between the teeth which can give an older look to the smile.

3. Old discolored fillings can give an aged look to the smile.

4. Old, worn out crowns and bridges with thin black lines showing near the gum line can age the smile.

5. Stained or discolored teeth also make the smile unaesthetic.

6. Any missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible , as missing teeth can cause the bite to collapse and the tissues to sag making the face look older.

7. Any bad bite should be corrected at the earliest as it tends to become more pronounced with age.

If the teeth are worn out due to excessive grinding or bruxism , tooth contouring, cosmetic bonding procedures or laminating the teeth are effective treatment options.

Bite appliances can prevent grinding at night and prevent further damage to the teeth.

The following treatment options are available to enhance your smile and make you look younger:

1. Cosmetic contouring :
This is one of the best and simplest ways to make worn out teeth look longer than they really are.

2. Cosmetic Bonding :
Addition of tooth colored composite resin on to the surfaces of teeth can cover unsightly fillings/imperfections and also create minor alterations in the shape and size of teeth giving the smile a more healthy and youthful appearance.

3. Porcelain Laminates :
These are fused to the front surfaces of the teeth and are a great option for closing gaps or disguising discolored teeth making the smile look much younger.

4. Dental crowns :
In cases of extensive tooth wear, crowning of the teeth may be the only solution.

5. Orthodontics :
Repositioning the teeth to create an improvement in your smile is advisable for adults also, as tooth movement is possible at any age. This will improve your bite as well as your appearance.

6. Dental Implants :
Teeth which have been lost due to periodontal/ gum disease can be permanently replaced by dental implants thus restoring the smile.

7. Dentures :
Generalized tooth loss causes the face to collapse and the mouth to sink in. At the same time , the nose appears to drop down towards the chin and deep lines tend to form at the creases making the face look much older. Full Dentures can make you look younger and give you a beautiful smile.

8. Botox :
More and more women and men are turning to Botox injections to reduce the signs of aging, and to rid themselves of unsightly facial wrinkles, frown lines.