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Composite Veneers in Goa Creating veneers out of dental bonding is a technique that has been around since the 1960's. In the hands of a skillful dentist dental composite can be used to create beautiful and natural looking veneers.

Composite veneers cover the facial surface of teeth to change tooth colour, position or shape. Addition of composite to tooth structure can be used to increase the tooth size or to alter the appearance or shape of a tooth. Blending composite colour to tooth colour is achieved by proper composite selection, placement and preparation design.

Caries, defective restorations and weak tooth structure are removed. Diamond burs shape remaining tooth structure to accept composite by leaving a rough surface for improved bond strengths.

Enamel and dentin bonding provides strength to hold composite onto tooth structure. Removal of caries often creates areas of mechanical retention.

Composite is shaped as close to final contours as possible and light cured.

Shaping and polishing is done with burs, sandpaper disks, rubber wheels, points, cups, and polishing pastes.

Goa Dentist for Composite Veneers

Some advantages of composite veneers are:

• Dental veneers made using cosmetic bonding (dental composite) usually cost less than porcelain veneers.

• Dental composite veneers are placed in just one visit whereas porcelain veneers require two appointments.

• Dental composite veneers can be repaired if they break.Unlike porcelain veneers, if a dental composite veneer does chip or break , it can usually be repaired. And in most cases it can probably be repaired by just patching the dental bonding in that portion of the veneer where the fracture has occurred, as opposed to replacing the entire veneer.

Disadvantages of composite veneers:

• Although repair is easier with dental composite veneers, their need for maintenance might be greater than with porcelain veneers. Lying at the core of dental composite composition is a plastic. And although manufactures do add components to their composites that significantly enhance their wear resistance, wear still does occur. A person may notice that over time the outline shape of their composite veneer has changed (especially on its biting edge) due to wear. In comparison porcelain is relatively more wear resistant, and therefore one would expect a porcelain veneer to hold its original outline form better over the long term.

• Dental bonding will typically stain over time. Composite veneers have a tendency to stain. The entire veneer may become discoloured or else just portions of it. At times it might be possible that the surface of the veneer can be polished so as to reinstate its original appearance. In other instances it may be needed to reduce the entire face of the veneer and then resurface it with a new layer of tooth bonding. The occurrence of staining is often associated with the use of coffee, tea, cola, and tobacco products.

Dentist in Goa for Composite Veneers