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Mouth GuardPlease remember that dentures are not permanent. Changes continue to occur in the bone and soft tissues of the mouth.

Your initial adjustment period:

• Leave dentures in for the first 24 hour period - you will be scheduled for a 24 hours post - insertion appointment
• Feelings of fullness and increased salivation will decrease with time
• Sucking on a piece of hard candy may help gagging sensation
• Expect sore spots to develop during this initial adjustment period

Eating with your new dentures:

• Cut up food into small bite-sized pieces
• Eating with food on both sides of your mouth may be helpful
• Biting foods with your front teeth will tend to dislodge dentures and the underlying tissues
• Avoid sticky foods
• Learning to eat with dentures takes time. Eating with dentures will never be as easy or efficient as eating with natural teeth. Please be patient

Talking with your new dentures:

• Adjusting takes time - read out loud to speed up the process
• Muscles will need to be re-educated so they will retain the denture
• The feeling of crowding of tongue will decrease with time

Cleaning your mouth and your dentures:

• Cleanse and massage your mouth daily with a soft toothbrush
• Brush dentures with a soft toothbrush and ordinary facial soap
• Never use toothpaste to brush your dentures - it is too abrasive
• Soak dentures overnight in a commercial denture soaking solution (never use bleach on dentures with metal parts)

Denture Do's and Don'ts :

• Do leave your dentures out at night while you sleep
• Only use denture adhesives on advice of your dentist
• Never attempt to adjust, repair, or refit your denture yourself
• Do come in for your regular checkups